I will create a logo for your minecraft server

Mc Hosting Pro – I will create a logo for your minecraft server

I will create a logo for your minecraft server

Mc Hosting Pro


About This Gig
I will make a high quality illustrated logo for your minecraft server.

Make your server stand out with a amazing logo!

Image size is 3000x3000px (If you need it in different sizes let me know)

Just order and send in the details, I am willing to provide 3 sketches until you get your desired output, I will then begin line art, then after your approval, I’ll start with the coloring and shading. If you want anything changed or added, I do 2 revisions for free!

If you have any questions, feel free to message me

For server icons check my other gig!

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Mc Hosting Pro

I will create a logo for your minecraft server

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