MCProHosting Review

Mc Pro Hosting Review – MCProHosting Review

MCProHosting Review

Mc Pro Hosting Review

A review for MCProHosting Review.

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Attention everyone. I am going to be opening up at least 10 slots on my personal Tekkit Server. If you’re interested, contact me on Steam. My profile url is I also have a FTB Unleashed Sever with 68 slots and little if any lag IP info here: I hope to see you there 🙂

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Mc Pro Hosting Review

MCProHosting Review

48 thoughts on “Mc Pro Hosting Review – MCProHosting Review

  1. Signed up for service 48 hours ago. Paid for them to set it up for extra money. Sent in a ticket and hear nothing. My server won't start. Its a rip off. They take your money and give no support. I cant even play :(Update: After 48 hours they got to my support ticket. Fixed the problem, but blamed it on me. Which they should have it running right in the 1st place. That's why I paid $15 extra for setup.Update: Talked to Tyler. He's nice and seems like he cares. Said sorry and will get onto my ticket as soon as they can. Because of that my stars will go up from a 1 to a 3 now. Will update you on it some more.Update: Still no go on support.  nothing is working.Update: Can not install plugins. Which I paid $15 extra. Even if they cant install they still take your $15. Conclusion: When signing up for just wait for a week before you can use your server. The interface is good. But the support is really bad. They give refunds for the first seven days.. If I was you take your hard earned money and go some where else. Back to one star.

  2. Probably my most favourite service! Very cheap for a small server. My friend had a server run by MCProhosting. Can be a pain in the ass when it goes down a lot but I might down the way get a server from them. I got to go on MCProhosting's website to change my friend's server files with his permission. A very awesome and unique feature is the unlimited players for only $2 extra! Most servers you would have to pay the maximum which is about $100. Because it's dollars, I pay less because I use € so it's worth more. 😀

  3. just got a server from them just let me tell you awesome server hosting website very easy and the servers work great like he said little lag and especially how u can pay 15 bucks for plugins which is so nice

  4. Guys, don't go with them. You can get much better plan options for cheaper on other hosting sites. I am not a promoter or anything like that, but I recommend something like Professionalxen hosting, which is SUPER cheap for the quality you get. Or go with HordeHosting, which is amazing for the price. Hope I helped you guys decide 🙂

  5. I bought a server, my account was deleted 1 hour after buying and when I went on my server 2 other people had bought lapis and were given the same ip and had the same problem as me.

  6. I may have a big problem with this site. Okay back in sep 4th 2013 my server was stopped. Well it stopped and they kept taking money from me and no services was rendered from them. Okay today I just so happen to be able to check my email. I find all this out. The problem is if they don't give this money back they shouldn't have even took will send me living in the streets. This can't happen. I need to speak to someone there now more than every. 

  7. Horrible host. I would never recommend this host to anybody. Staff is horrible, they will blame just about everything to give you an answer. Ticket replies take about 2 days, some have taken longer. Worst experience ever. Filled up the Node I was on, then blamed my chunk errors on me, saying I had too many plugins, Even though I'm running a vanilla server (obviously no plugins). Uneducated staff, horrible lag spikes and even though the price is not too bad, I'd rather pay a little extra for better services!

  8. Following each of 6 node failures just this week our file has been overwritten by MCPH with a cut-down version that does not include our worldseed or settings.

    Then they restart our server.

    After confronting them, they simply refuse not to damage our files.
    Run away… don't walk, run away from this host.

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