29 thoughts on “Setting Up Hosting Server – How To Setup Website Hosting On Windows 10 Using IIS

  1. This tutorial is shit. That's why you've got your LIKE/DISLIKE display turned off. You don't explain what anything is for and why you're doing it or how it works. Scribbling around with your mouse saying "just do this then that or maybe not" is just pissing into the wind.
    Thanks for sharting. Yes you sharted on youtube and you owe me 5 minutes.

  2. WHAT DO YOU REALLY CLICK? WHAT IS THAT? the internet world is a funny place no where on the internet you can go and look for instuction how to do anything and get a fully understand of what to do

  3. I used to do it on Linux with Apache or Nginx, but had no idea how to do it on Windows so if I wanted to do anything I always needed to reboot into Linux.

    So this was very helpful. Thanks!

  4. I need something slower, is this part of a series or something?

    I never did it before so I can't risk it by not knowing about every possibility.
    also I use Windows 7 so I am not sure this video is what I need.

  5. Sorry mate, but this is an awful tutorial. You didn't show how to setup a website. A default website was already setup, you just buzzed around a couple of dialog boxes. Why such a hurry?

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