13 thoughts on “Setting Up Hosting Server – rFactor 2 RaceEvent Hosting Tutorial Video

  1. Hey man! Nice video! My rF2 dedicated only show 2 categories to choose from, how i get more to show? (I have a lot of cars but only 2 show on the choose race event screen)

  2. Anyone knows where to find a tutorial vid on how to open a dedicated server with FIXED setup but leaving certain setup parameters editable? Struggling to understand how.. 🙁

  3. If you open just ports from the video (54397, 64397, 64398, 64399) – no one can enter on your server. "Race" button will be disabled.
    Don't know did you a typo at making the video or just forget to mention, but you must open 54297 and 64297 ports too (or maybe instead, I don't test it).

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