Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

Setting Up Hosting Server – Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

Setting Up Hosting Server

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Setting Up Hosting Server

Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

37 thoughts on “Setting Up Hosting Server – Self-Hosted Mail Server w/ Cpanel

  1. Sorry but either you have no idea about IT or you are being a dick.. This is not self hosted that's why many of us came. As many have said click bait title should have said paid for

  2. Hi Wendell, very good and content you have here. Thank you. I use Inmotion for a while, they are really good. QQ: For many time i never use the e-mail in my own server for many reasons, one is because take a lot of resources, two: if for some reason you need to migrate the server sometimes can be a problem. 3: Is not too friendly with users like my wife who need e-mail in the phone and computer synchronized. Any suggestion to solve this? Thanks.

  3. sir i have purchased a dedicated server with hostgator with tow dedicated ip addresses i contacted hostgator support to setup an email server for me but the email is going in spam … they have impropery setup the server … so can you help me to setup the server .. i can pay

  4. Is it possible to get similar video for ispconfig.. cpanel is paid if get a dedicated server so I opted to use free ispconfig.. but would love to see similar videos on ispconfig

  5. Great video, agree that DKIM should get it's own video, but I think you did a pretty good job of explaining SPF.
    I also run my own mail server using iredmail and while it doesn't apply auto updates, you are notified via your email when patches are available for the system. SSL cert's for webmail are also provided and kept current using letsencrypt and also provides activesync! OSS FTW!

  6. I admire people who admin email servers… It really sucks! we lost email services for like 3 hours and the entire company (globally) was falling a part. Not joking I work for a telecom vendor we build and sell Voip and Data products and ironically we all avoid to call others and one day for unknown reasons for me emails stopped working… it was chaos! I was forced to talk to people and be social and say things like "hi, how are you? hey how're your kids?" to get work done.

  7. Wendell ~ GSuite (f/k/a Google Apps for Work) has a data addendum that specifically prohibits google from data mining for advertising or other purposes. My employer uses it. I reviewed the contract and get the SOC1 and SOC2 reports by the independent accountants.

  8. Could you format your information a bit better? I like all the information but you go off on a tangent of other content, stuff you like and get for a noob like me its hard to keep up when you keep mixing all these terms up. I want all the information you got but would like to know which is extra and which is part of the setup process first.

  9. The best way to set up an email server is to get a google mail account. Set your mx records to point at google and then relax. Unless you enjoy being blacklisted and having all your mail get caught in spam filters.

  10. I'd rather cut out the hosting middle man & save some quids to run a server from home. I'm currently playing around with Ubuntu Server, LAMP & Nextcloud. working pretty well so far.

    Next steps will be to get SSL configured and install Webmin. I'll also be hosting my own website with wordpress.

    I'm by no means an expert. I see this as a little fun DIY project. Thankfully there's a plethora of tutorials on the Web, to make it easy for anyone.

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