16 thoughts on “Setting Up Hosting Server – Setting up a Linode Server and Hosting a Website

  1. while being candid, this tutorial has many improvements before being useful :
    1/ edit the mistakes and nano errors, it is very confusing to get sidetracked as much as the video creator did. 21 minutes is quite long for something that could be done in about 5 minutes.
    2/ editing the default is not a recommended way to do exactly what the tutorial is supposed to explain: setting up properly.
    3/ if the main action in on the console… why is the console making 1/5th of the screen is beyond me. it should be set up the other way around.

    Yes I know it's a 4 years old tutorial but the subject still matters, hence me watching 21 minutes of that "really quick" tutorial 🙂

  2. Hello, guys! I wanna share my pity experience with you. Unfortunately Linode sucks – they charge you 100% even when your VPS are down for few months – they get it for "SAVING OUR DATA" – expensive saving mode indeed!!! When you made few attempts and decided to return to it later, so you switched it off, but didn't delete it completely – you need to pay for it all the down time. It is so sad to be fooled like that and to pay for services you do not use. (((

  3. At 7:45 mark , what you said about "chown /home/appuser" makes little or no sense – You said "you're gonna make the home/appuser folder the directory owned by appuser" – okay, isnt it already owned by app user if you are logged in as app user?

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