WordPress for Beginners | FREE COURSE

WordPress Tutorial Without Hosting – WordPress for Beginners | FREE COURSE

WordPress for Beginners | FREE COURSE

WordPress Tutorial Without Hosting

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Learn how to use WordPress from start to finish in this free WordPress tutorial for beginners. It is the only WordPress beginner’s guide you’ll ever need. WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) available. It’s versatile, constantly updated, and totally free. You can use it to create simple blogs, large complex websites, and anything in between. Learning how to use WordPress without any prior experience can be difficult, but after completing this WordPress tutorial, you’ll be completely comfortable with installing WordPress, adding new content, customizing WordPress themes, using WordPress plugins, and managing existing blogs or websites.

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Learn How to Use WordPress
If you’re just getting started, learn how to use WordPress in our complete guide:

Once your site is up and running, learn how to install and configure free plugins for backup, security, caching, and SEO in our courses:
• Essential WordPress Plugins
• WordPress Secure Setup Guide

If you’re setting up an eCommerce site, check out A Beginner’s Guide to Using WooCommerce:

0:00 Welcome to the Course

2. The Basics
01:39 1. What Is WordPress?
09:20 2.Installing WordPress Locally
19:52 3.Installing WordPress on a Live Server
29:47 4. Getting Familiar With the WordPress Dashboard

3. Content Management
34:24 5. WordPress Pages vs. Posts
49:32 6. A Quick WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial
59:47 7. Uploading and Organizing Media
1:09:18 8. Managing WordPress Comments
1:18:31 9. Working With WordPress Sidebars and Widgets
1:24:44 10. Building and Maintaining Menus

4. Customization, Plugins, and Settings
1:30:26 11. Using the WordPress Customizer
1:39:28 12. Working With Themes
1:52:52 13. Working With Plugins
1:58:06 14. Adding and Managing Users
2:04:06 15. How to Move a WordPress Site
2:11:13 16. Customizing WordPress via Settings

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WordPress Tutorial Without Hosting

WordPress for Beginners | FREE COURSE

30 thoughts on “WordPress Tutorial Without Hosting – WordPress for Beginners | FREE COURSE

  1. Huge Thank You for creating this tutorial. I have Divi installed on WordPress and had a “duh” moment when i figured out I did not have the foundational knowledge of WordPress to fix many items on my site. Your thoughtful and methodical presentation is so helpful. I have a solid understanding of WordPress. Thank you!

  2. Overall amazing video! Thank you for the info you are providing! … Unfortunately I will still need more deep knowledge in order to start creating good stuff.

    Keep the great work!

  3. " The virtual host was set up successfully.

    If you see this page, it means that the new virtual host has been successfully set up. You can now add your web content; you should replace or delete this placeholder page 1 .

    Server name: localhost

    Document root: C: / MAMP / htdocs

    1 files:index.php and MAMP-PRO-Logo.png "

    This whole text is showing up after extracting and moving wordpress in htdocs folder, what do I do next ??
    please help me out Sir.

  4. One of the best teachers I have ever seen. Modularization of the course is perfect and each section is explained so throughly. The best thing is that there is not a single word that you used and didn't explain. I felt like I was taking a 1 on 1 class with a professional. Absolutely amazing course! Thanks so much!

  5. straight to the point and sequential, professional, & clear english language. I hope your channel has everything needed to learn WordPress and WooCommerce. Thank you very much for the crash course

  6. Wow! I did it, I managed to install WP on my computer! Thanks for your patience, nice and calmly explained. Thank you! (I am 68, so it's not that easy….)

  7. He mentions 'front end' and 'back end'. Did miss the explanation for this because I don't know what it is and I can't find the things he's talking about on the comment section and side bar. Mine just aren't there.

  8. I have done everything that you have asked up to 15.5 minutes in and your MAMP screen is completely different and how your downloads were next to your MAMP makes no sense. If I can't download it the rest of the video is useless.

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