27 thoughts on “WordPress Without Hosting and Domain – How to Create Business Email & Use it with Gmail for Free

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  2. Good video.. will help many for sure…. But, do we really need an email courier service such as smtp2go for this? Any hosting companies nowadays give at least 5 to 20 e-mail address for free. if you add this e-mail to your Gmail account and configure it to send mails from Gmail you can use the business mail right from your Gmail inbox… That's how I use my all business e-mails. I think the 3rd party smtp service is unnecessary in most cases.

  3. Hi Shubhang! As per your guidance I created a free domain name e-mail id [email protected]brandploy.com which is linked to [email protected]outlook.com. My problem is that my domain name created e-mail id appears as:
    Asif Khatri <[email protected]> On Behalf Of Asif Khatri
    when I receive a reply from any of my customer's e-mail id.
    And it also appears the same in my account display. How to resolve this issue? Kindly guide.
    Thanking you in advance.
    Asif M Khatri

  4. Firstly I'm thankful to WL for making easy tutorials.. you guys are doing great job. Please resolve my query that can I make multiple business accounts with one Gmail account? If yes then how much maximum? Secondly after setting it up as per instructions given by you, how it will work on Microsoft Outlook?

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