Setting up a Staging Environment for WordPress Websites - Monday Masterclass

WordPress Without Hosting – Setting up a Staging Environment for WordPress Websites – Monday Masterclass

Setting up a Staging Environment for WordPress Websites – Monday Masterclass

WordPress Without Hosting

In this Monday MasterClass, we set up a staging site in a local environment where we can make changes to our site, test plugins and updates without risking any …

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WordPress Without Hosting

Setting up a Staging Environment for WordPress Websites – Monday Masterclass

37 thoughts on “WordPress Without Hosting – Setting up a Staging Environment for WordPress Websites – Monday Masterclass

  1. Hi, please help, I have followed and successfully dragged and dropped my backup into local by flywheel, but when I tried openning the admin, it says the email/password is not correct.. ive tried the usual root no password, root – root, my email address and password as it is on my live site, or what I usually use to llog into my live wirdpress site – username and my usual password.. I either get incorrect username/email or I get a page that says "you are not allowed to view this page" … please someone help!

    Much apprecated,

  2. here's the security issue with this: almost all of the sites/networks being used for staging environment are part of brute force login attacks — four years of attacks, with most recent data sent to FBI now, since networks are not taking the matter seriously.

  3. To some extent it's clear, but to me it's a pretty cumbersome process having to make a backup, copying and subsequently testing. It's inevitable you'll make mistakes from time to time. Another thing: what's not clear is what happens with the "life data" on your life site. Since it's likely to be part of the backup, you'll have a problem when pushing the results back to life, because in the mean time data may have changed. This partly defeats the purpose of this staging procedure.

  4. Having a major problem with this. It will not work at all, I have listened and did every one of your steps. I have created a zip file with backwpup. And when i drag it into local it says "Error Importing Site Sorry! we couldn't figure out what to do with the import file provided. Please extract it manually." I have tried extracting it manually also and it does not work. When i try to extract it gives errors in 7zip and won't even try in windows extract. Am I doing something wrong? or is something wrong with my hosting account right now? Any suggestions, Much appreciated!

  5. i did everything you said on the video, but when I clicked on the "Admin" button, I received a message that said "Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page." I cleared my cache and retried it again several times. The one time that I was able to put in my login and password(which is the same as the one I use on my live site) it looked nothing like my wordpress account. What did I do wrong?

  6. Absolutely ridiculous that you can't stage on a subdomain or folder on your site without buying extra licenses.
    This along with the catastrophe that was the last update that you refuse to acknowledge means I'll be moving away from elementor asap.

  7. You create Softaculous WP Staging from your own cPanel/softaculous/WP. It's on the lower right corner below your WP installation info, the two curved arrows. It's simple as 1,2,3.

  8. Great tutorial. Unfortunately some stuff does not work for me: Backup with BackupWPup has major issues. My backup for test purposes ran for almost 7 hours(!) and support from them is minimal if at all. I tried it with another backup plugin but that created several zip files and I have not been able to figure out how to import that like you described.

  9. This looks great and keen to use – but on trying with a multisite installation (subdomain) got into all sorts of problems – and struggling to find some sensible instructions of what to do to import a multisite sucessfully

  10. From my experience local flywheel is very laggy in the admin dashboard. Even clicking a button to any pages or any edits took me at least 10 seconds to load. I also found out that it is a common bug in the community of local flywheel.

    Tried various ways to make it faster but it doesnt really work. Hope anyone who had encountered this can shed some light to me.

  11. At 6:29 you get the same "License Mismatch" banner as we do – yet you don't mention this in the video. How do you use Elementor Pro features on this local site without deactivating Pro on the live site or buying another license? I've read that Elementor Pro should work on .local sites, but it doesn't for me (and others).

    Working offline on Airplane mode isn't really a good option for obvious need-internet-constantly reasons – why can't we manually enter the activation code or license key on local sites? For every active license we have, can we get a secondary license or code for local staging?

  12. Hi, I bought an Elementor Pro licence and use it at my main site: when I tried to use it at stage site (a subdomain of main) it's shows that is not a licence copy(?!!!): do you know how to solve it?

  13. When I get to the drag and drop step at 6mins, I get the following message: “Error Importing Site: Sorry, we couldn’t figure out what to do with the import file provided. Please extract it manually.” Anyone else get this?

  14. It was my understanding that Flywheel had a ban on all backup plugins on all of their platforms. I have personally experienced this using other backup plugins on sites they hosted. How did you get your site to backup using that plugin??

  15. Well explained! Thank you. As I reflect on our sites, however, I realize that most staging sites nowadays are being reviewed by several team members at different locations before going live. Local staging won’t work. I’d love to see a video with recommendations for hosted staging.

  16. What sucks is that your Elementor Pro license will not transfer to your local. You effectively need to buy a license for your staging (local) site and one for your live site. Not a bad tool really, but limited for real-world pro production. Hope they improve this.

  17. Thanks for the Tutorial.

    Can I even download my wordpress installation, then change it completely in the Flywheel including changing the theme and complete looks and then later upload it back to go online?

    Or is it just meant for small changes?

    Thank you!

  18. While you might call it, "An environment that we create where we can experiment and test our website before it goes live." I think I'll just continue to call it a "staging site." It's a bit more compact, don't you think? And if you think setting up a staging site is fun then I think you need to redefine the definition of that word!
    Otherwise, a helpful and informative video from Mr. W.P. Hyperbole himself.

  19. To use Elementor Pro on staging you have to have a license for it. It would be nice if Elementor gave Pro users the ability to use their Pro license for local staging without having to buy another license.

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